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I sure in the hell wouldn't have done it, especially in this enconomy, without knowing that I already had another job lined up. It's a little less stressful that way.

Originally Posted by by Totenkopf
I guess if you're going to interview elsewhere after you've given a 2 weeks notice to your current employer, it probably doesn't matter either way. On the other hand, while this approach smacks of little more than employers poaching each other's work forces, you might as well look out for yourself. Afterall, when employers decide that it's time for you to leave the company, they rarely if ever give you notice. I once left a job w/o giving 2 weeks notice and when the girl in HR asked me if I wanted to reconsider giving 2 week notice, I asked her if she could think of a company that ever gave two weeks notice before terminating an employee. It clearly caught her short and she admitted she couldn't. Sometimes you've gotta do what you've gotta do.

Ooooh, good one. I gotta remember that.

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