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I love The Sith Lords, it is in fact my favourite computer game, yes it is an incomplete work, with cut content galore, unfinished and lacking polish, but despite all this I love it. Let me take you through my play-through, firstly it must be said that I played KotOR 2 before I played KotOR and much as I love the first game I prefer the second.

My first impression of Peragus, was that it was playing a bit like a survival horror, which given I like Zombie games and films, didn't bother me at all. Was a somewhat strange atmosphere, my general thoughts of the level was what an earth is going on?

Then Sion arrived... I remember thinking, crap, how am I gonna fight this dude, he's a walking corpse and I don't even have a lightsaber. I actually really did like Peragus and the Harbinger as a level, the problem is, a lack of re-play value due to their being so few characters to interact with. Ultimately I think a top secret research centre with a mad scientist, would of allowed for a similar atmopshere, but for character interaction. Anyways having escaped Sion, Peragus and the Harbinger (which very much reminded me of Event Horizon, again not a bad thing IMO), came far more detailed conversations with Kreia...

For me Kreia is the best video game character I've come across, she is of course nuts, and I don't think destroying the force is even possible. But in terms of layers, what she says, what her truths and lies are, she is an interesting study, and gives interest philosophies against the player on either the light or Dark path. For me Kreia is one of the best parts of this game, though I know some hate her. I think Atton is also a very good character, of the newly introduced characters both Kriea and Atton are done superbly, unfortunately there is not as much depth to the other new NPC's.

I'm sort of Neutral on Telos Space Station, I think they could of been a lot more inventive with it, and it could really of done with cool command centre for Grenn and the rest of those in charge, overlooking Telos would have been very cool.

I did however really like Telos surface, I thought it intriguing, with a great coast-line and the military base; capped of by the Polar Plateaux all in my opinion making it well worth the visit!

The first planet I headed too was Dantooine, from all I had heard in game, made the most sense to look for Jedi there, I liked Dantooine, with the sub-themes, and I liked it even more after playing KotOR, the civil war was good, but is much improved in size and scope by the RCM. I have always disliked Vrook, he's an ass! Anyways having finished there and enjoyed it I headed to Onderon and Dxun.

I think Onderon and Dxun are my favourite places in the whole of TSL, very different, one a jungle apparently empty and the other a city. Both very different and the return to the planet I think is the best part of the game, the simultaneous mission is excellent IMO!

Nar Shaddaa is decent, and really gets going once the Exiles enters the JekJek Tar, combined with Goto's ship I think once you get to the "meat" so to speak that it is a good planet. Korriban, empty and desolate I liked, though I was disappointed at Vash being dead.

The return to Dantooine I thought was brilliant and Kreia's intervention and speech to the council is fantastic. The Jedi Masters are cowards, and I think that proven in their actions there (this is obviously on a lightside playthrough). The vanilla game then goes somewhat astray, but I think the battle for Telos is decent, and I enjoyed the Ravager, in the Restored Content the game is alot more what should be and I enjoyed Malachor alot especially with the way the droid factory and things played out there.

All in all I really enjoyed TSL's themes, philosophy, character development and story, but hey thats just me!

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