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((Alright, CQ gave me permission to take over Akagi until he comes back.)

"The journey from here to the mountains is safe. We won't encounter any attackers,"

Karela overheard the conversation and walked over to Takeda. "Good job Takeda. Now that we know the road ahead is safe the villagers can rest for a bit and we can discuss our next move."

She turned to look at all of the villagers and then back to Akagi, Takeda and the mysterious man who had assisted them back at the village.

"Takeda, I would really appreciate it if you could volunteer some possible ideas about what to do." She then turned to look at the mysterious stranger who had helped them. "If you have any ideas about what to do I would love to hear them as well."

A few minutes later

Akagi's men were watching over the villagers and handing out rations to them while Karela and Akagi moved over to the side so the villagers couldn't overhear the meeting. She beckoned Takeda and the stranger over toward her and Akagi.

"Alright Akagi, I know you must be angry about what happened to your village...but I need to hear some ideas that don't involve us going back to the village. What do you think we should do?"

Akagi paused for a moment. "In all honesty, I don't know what to do. We never anticipated that our village would be attacked. I would like to hear the ideas of the others before I decide anything."
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