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Rogue listened intently as Kallic spoke. It took note of many things as Kallic spoke. He spoke quite quick, even for Salarian standards. It also learned organics can be prejudice against one another. It didn't understand why organics would act like that though. Perhaps that was a question for another time.

It turned its head and watched Quirinius show off her ability. Again it raised the plate on the left side of its head to show its curiosity. It was indeed impressed with Quirinius's ability to slow down time. It now took this into calculation based on her previous statement. It ran the simulation a few more times until finally it spoke.

"An unwise decision Asari:Quirinius. Your attack would only have forced me to take action. I would have had to incapacitate you, or kill you if you continued to attack. Your time control requires much concentration, both a strength and a weakness. I would have also detected you when you drew closer thereby losing your element of surprise. I would have turned and shot you in the stomach to stop your movements, then to your throat if you continued to attack," Rogue said, meaning no threat what so ever even though it had just said it would have killed her if she attacked.

Rogue turned its attention back to Kallic.

"You mentioned your interest in a geth platform. Do you have a question for me Salarian:Kallic?"
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