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Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
Yeah, I had noticed that, although knowing me as I do, even if I had played K1 first I like TSL because its much Darker and mature, I like K1, don't get me wrong, but its all nice and childy, I think TSL deals alot more with the effects of war.
I agree with this as well.
I played TSL first and prefer it to K1, even though I have to agree with alot of the stuff Allronix said (it does have it's faults), I still love TSL, cause K1 is just too...I don't know, ..goofy? cliche? ..etc;etc.
When I play K1 I just want to slap the s*** out of Bastila. I find it annoying when the game stops to prompt you to speak to an npc. so on and so forth..
And I think the graphics are much better in TSL.
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