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"That makes little sense, Tom, we can't get off of their hit list before they know it, without them knowing it..."

"The one they call "Illusive Man" would... but you're right: my apoligies." Tom scratched his head sheepishly.

"This one doesn't think we'll stand a chance, considering, but self preservation says that It will try."

Tom found the hanar's unique usage of pronouns amusing. The way Ghost always refered to himself atleast. "I've always wondered, if not curious, Ghost; as to why the hanar always call themselves "it". I've heard something about how they have Soul Names...?"

__________________________________________________ _

Tuhrop watched Quirinius' performance. She was quick, and her concentration was very high. She might make a useful Biotic as well.

"Well, I'm certainly impressed. I was actually asking if you had any notable technical skills, but this could work well for all of us. We mainly specialise in transportation and deliveries: especially collected bounties during those particular assignments. We are Freelancers... Mercenaries... Oddjob People. You'd make a fine addition to security. Especially with Cerberus on our tail."

"An unwise decision Asari:Quirinius. Rogue noted Quirinius' claim. "Your attack would only have forced me to take action. I would have had to incapacitate you, or kill you if you continued to attack. Your time control requires much concentration, both a strength and a weakness. I would have also detected you when you drew closer thereby losing your element of surprise. I would have turned and shot you in the stomach to stop your movements, then to your throat if you continued to attack,"

"Ehough, the both of you..." Tuhrop interupted. "I will not have my crew fighting over who is the better of the rest. We are equals." he smirked at both the Geth Platform and the Asari.
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