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Not to mention that SOME employers don't give the person two weeks. If you give your notice, especially in financial institutions, they terminate you out right so that you don't sabotage the financial institution. Honestly it's just a good idea to keep looking even if you have a good position. I've used my lunch hour to interview. It's unpaid time anyway, so I'm not costing the company money. I have also used vacation time(as that's taking from myself).

Besides, in this economy, you could be looking for over a month. A friend had been unemployed for over a year. When he finally got hired, all of his credit cards were maxed out and more than half his check goes to paying those down. I'd hold on to a job like it was gold, until I found another. And as I said, you have more to bargain with. I'm currently making $18/hr, so when people come along with a job offer, it has to exceed that. If I were unemployed(as I was before this job) I am more interested in "I gotta pay rent" to think about bargaining too hard.

Besides as someone who's been caught up in a number of lay-offs, it's always a good idea to look out for yourself. The company is only loyal to itself. If they feel your department is redundant, overstaffed, or just too expensive, you are gone. Since companies aren't loyal to the employees, why should the employees remain loyal to the company. ALWAYS look for a better position. Even if it isn't monetarily better, maybe the other company has a better benefits package. Maybe they offer more vacation time. Maybe they have better hours. There are a number of reasons to look at another position even when employed. Most bosses understand this. Just don't let it interfere with your actual job.

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