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I also find this sad. I mean, even things like clothes aren't well-made anymore, even if you buy fashions from a relatively expensive store. I bought a top that I really liked on sale from one of these aforementioned stores, and it nearly got ruined in the washing machine! I was so disappointed. The tag instructions didn't even say "hand wash". Here I was with an $80 shirt that I bought for $45--and here I realized I'd completely wasted my money. Peh!

I guess I should have known better than to believe that price guarantees quality. It doesn't--at least, not in each and every case. My garment was cheaply made, in a country where cheap labor and rock-bottom working conditions abound. What I really paid for here, when I bought the shirt, was the brand name and advertising for the store. Who cares if the clothes are pieces of crap that fall apart even after one wash, if you bought them at Uberstore(tm)? I'd give anything to be able to afford a tailor/couturier.

Heck, I'd give anything to FIND one of these CRAFTSMEN nowadays. It seems like most of the tailors only do alterations of stuff that's already manufactured. If I'm going to spend money on clothes, I want them to last.
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