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Originally Posted by danvis View Post
Hey guys, I also apologize for bumping this thing up but I really tried everything and still can't get it to work.

I installed TSL on win7, but I can't seem to adjust the resolution to 1900X1200.

I tried everything from the patch of Squizzy to the patch of uniws and nothing works. I tried following the steps here but ran into few problems:

1. My .ini only includes width and height parameters under display options.
2. It won't let me save the .ini after I made the changes.

Can anyone assist please?
It might help if you posted your swkotor2.ini.

As for saving the .ini, I encountered this myself. Easy workaround is open the ini, make your changes, save it somewhere else (e.x. the desktop), then move it to the swkotor2 folder.

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