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"Perhaps we should bring the villagers to Yoroi and his village. I do not believe Zarela knows where that is,"

Karela shook her head. "For all we know, Yoroi's village may have already been attacked, it is also possible that Yoroi does not know of the attacks yet. As soon as I get back to the hidden leaf village I'll send a message to his village warning him about the attacks, but until then we need to take the villagers somewhere we know is safe."

"We must also not rush into action. We dont know who these people are. Otherwise, they would not have sent me on a recon mission. If we find out exactly who or what we are dealing with, we can build a strategy. We need somewhere with a vast archive to determine who it is."

Karela looked toward the villagers and sighed heavily. "We know a few things about our enemy. They seem to be coordinated, when they attacked the village they went right past the villagers and went directly for the samurai."

Karela shuddered slightly as she thought of Zarela.

"And it appears that they have the ability to bring people back from the dead. I know of only one type of jutsu that does that and from what I saw they weren't using it. This jutsu was something new."
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