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Originally Posted by LordDeathRay View Post
The blade of the sword looks rather thin. Maybe you could thicken it a little? Other than that, I LOVE the flame sword.
You're right, but the blade is actually the same as the regular blade in the game, I think it shows up that way because the flame isn't transparent at all, I should fix that, thanks!

Originally Posted by Drewton View Post
Dude, that's awesome. Do you mind saying how you did it?
Thanks. I pretty much relied on the mdlops replacer feature, and made new blades and a hilt, and replaced everything.

Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
I'd love to see a video of the flaming sword in action!
Sure, I just uploaded a video, take a look,
Show spoiler

but sorry for the horrendous quality, if there's anyone out there who can and wants to make a better video PM me.

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