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((BE WARNED: This post is quite lengthy.))

"I--I'm very sorry." Quirinius stuttered out in reaction to his seemingly harsh, though in reality were simply blunt, words.

Being brought out of his thoughts caused Kallic to realize that the asari had spoken to him, Kallic replied finally, "No need for apologies Quirinius, like I said, my particular life is too short as it is to be worrying about every issue that occurs; was behind me the moment it happened. Besides, can't expect someone of your maturity to be beyond their initial assumptions of others...Mmm, understandable."

Kallic had learned not to judge on merits of 'years-in-existence', as they were often superficial, he began to lecture aloud, "Am around 20, middle-aged for my kind, can make good guess as to your age based on conversations heard and genetic info gathered from study of you and the syringe I found: Guess you, Quirinius, are somewhere around 200 rounded to a whole number. Nearly ten times my age, ten times the experience, the knowledge, the wisdom, right? Yes, but probably not, still young in asari terms, Maiden even, not even close to my 'physical' age, will not make the prejudicial assumptions that decades of your life were wasted dancing and fighting as a merc, but can assume that despite your age over mine you haven't come close to the experiences I've had." Kallic stopped, looking from Rogue, to the Captain, and finally having his gaze rest on Quirinius.

"The Captain, or even Rogue might agree: No two species are identical; all must be judged on their own merits. Treating every species like one's own is racist, even benign anthropomorphism," Kallic stated rather bluntly. ((Hooray for blatant in-game quote rips!))

The salarian listened as Rogue commented on the outcome of a conflict between him and Quirinius, the Captain cutting it short quickly: "Enough, the both of you....I will not have my crew fighting over who is the better of the rest. We are equals."

Kallic noticed the Captain's smirk and shook his head, responding, "Must also apologize Captain, got carried away as I always do. Did not mean to reprimand you, Quirinius, only enlighten you a little." Kallic smirked his own little smirk, "Besides, crew knows I'm the smartest anyways!"

Kallic shook his head with a smile and reached out his hand to shake both Rogue's and Quirinius', his words hitting home the reason why the Captain had been smirking at his own comment, "Welcome to the crew, pleasure to have you two."

"You mentioned your interest in a geth platform. Do you have a question for me Salarian:Kallic?" Rogue asked almost immediately after it's remarks to Quirinius.

"Mmmm....Yes, but no. Maybe later, have other matters to concentrate on, hope you understand Rogue," Kallic responded amicably.
"The one they call "Illusive Man" would... but you're right: my apologies," Tom responded.

"No Tom, It should apologize, if It had not said anything towards the comment in the first place you would not have to feel so put down," Naut'aun apologized in turn.

"I've always wondered, if not curious, Ghost; as to why the hanar always call themselves "it". I've heard something about how they have Soul Names...?" Tom questioned.

Naut'aun didn't respond immediately, shimmering in the twilight of the cockpit, thinking to himself. "This One will explain as best it can Tom, but It has spent many years amongst other species, and has forgone much of It's etiquette and is considered a 'hick' among other hanar, even if It was once a scholar and philosopher amongst It's people," he said, almost seeming to apologize for some wrong that he hadn't even committed yet.

Continuing, he remarked, "Hanar Soul Names are for only the closest of friends, and of course, relations. Soul Names are poetic, and are difficult to interpret into a single form or word amongst other species, as it often includes visual speech as well as verbal and even bodily. Genetic modifications, or special visors and hardware are required; sometimes software patches into one's auto-translation systems are required for the correct meaning to be understood with visors."

Naut'aun turned to face Tom, continuing, "Soul Names often times don't translate directly, but more into meanings for other species; such as one of our kind being strong-willed would be called: "Lifts the Great Oceans". We call ourselves 'It' to maintain civility, it seems egotistical, if not selfish to speak of oneself in the first person while conversing with those we know only out of acquaintance, or on a Face Name basis. The explanations for calling oneself 'It' go much deeper, Tom, but that is the basis of it."

Naut'aun paused, his body dimming as he seemed not to want to continue, but did so anyways, "This One knows what Tom is wondering, why doesn't the crew know It's Soul Name, why doesn't Tom get to know, while the Captain does. This one does not want you to have to go through the procedure of having your eyes modified, nor spend the finances to acquire the proper equipment and software to translate It's name.....And, It does not feel that it is right to tell It's Soul Name to the crew right now. It trusts the crew, It's been with the crew for a very long time, but It did not join this crew easily, and the Captain 'earned' This One's Soul Name, the crew simply know of It, as an entity, that is......."

Naut'aun seemed torn, distraught, as if he wanted the others to know, but wouldn't, or couldn't tell them. He turned back to the ship controls, speaking softly, "Tom is a good friend, so please be happy with the knowledge that Tom may call It by a nickname, as most other hanar would take great offense at being called an ethereal being of undeath, or even at having a 'nickname' at all, this is a good example of It's hick nature. Tom will earn the knowledge of It's Soul Name one day, as will It's other friends: John, Kallic, Chiron, Selia......" Naut'aun paused very briefly, his body shivering slightly, "Maybe not Selia."

"If Tom is curious as to how Captain Tuhrop came to know the name then It will say this, It used to own one of those visors It spoke of. Once the Captain....Acquired It's services and earned the right to know, It gave Captain Tuhrop the visors to see, hear, and know It's Soul Name.........Then It threw them out the airlock." The hanar concluded with a thrust of one of it's tentacles to indicate a throwing motion.

"This One hopes Tom is happy with this explanation, if not, then It is truly sorry, and apologizes most deeply. It would bow in deference, but It would rather not plow the ship into a mass effect field."

((Yeah, it's long, I know.))

"But in you...I see the potential to see the Force die, to turn away from its will..."
"You are beautiful to me, exile. A dead spot in the Force, an emptiness in which its will might be denied."
"But no Jedi ever made the choice you did. To sever ties so completely, so utterly, that it leaves a wound in the Force..."
"I would have killed the galaxy to preserve you...You are more precious than you know..."'s verbatim!-A quote from Darth Traya (Kreia)

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