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I took a week off because I have been worrying that I would be on the street in a week, and have sold off a lot of my library of books and DVDs just assure I would still have an apartment next month. But I was able to cobble enough finances together to keep my home, and as of Monday, I;m working again, so a big load came off my shoulders.

In return for your kind forebearance I extended the normal article from twelve to 16 entries this week.

Coruscant Entertainment Center

Dreading the Indifference
Revan Sama

KOTOR pre Star Forge: Revan contemplates facing the woman he loves, whether to redeem or kill...

Should be defeat instead of defeated,thought instead of though.

Revan Sama turns out first class work, and this is no exception.

Darth Vada

Post Battle of Endor: A clone of the Emperor decides to get tough

The piece is confusing and a bit irreverent. Having lived as long as I have, and seeing some of the whack-jobs that had been leaders of governments, it was a nostalgic look into the past for me

Akemi Haruka

KOTOR On the unnamed planet: Bastila considers her relationship with Revan as their confrontation approaches.

Well written, all of Bastila's emotions are there in view.

Pick of the week

L Long

KOTOR en route to Korriban: As Malak begins tormenting Bastila, Revan arrives on Korriban

The piece flowed very well, moving from Bastila's predicament to Revan's considering the situation.


Ebon Hawk no specific time given: Anger leads to a conflict, then to intimacies.

The piece was well done, it might be a first work, but it is good as it sits.

Glitter and Glass

Post KOTOR on Coruscant: A rainy evening brings up old memories

The piece is called crappy by the author, but I do not agree. Everyone needs downtime, and creating a slice of placid life fits the bill.

Impure Pazaak
Woman of Rohan

TSL aboard Ebon Hawk: The Exile play by Nar Shaddaa rules, and get more than they bargained for.

The piece is light and amusing, with each player first ascendant, then in despair. The denouement, everything off and scattered, and the reaction of the crew to such things was too choice for words.

Pick of the Week

Amme Moto

Post KOTOR: Carth Canderous and Revan settle down, but not as you might think...

The piece flows well, Revan and Canderous as parents was so much fun, and the twins a riot.

Stupid Mical

TSL en route to Nar Shaddaa: A stolen kiss.

The piece as the name implies concentrates on how Mical's primary enemy, Atton feels about him. The kiss at least changes Atton's tune, afterward, he's happy the other was there, since his presence caused Atton to at least try.

A Gift for the Future
Amber Penglass

Post KOTOR: A present is passed not to a loved one, but to a generation several millennia parted

The piece is interesting in that the gift goes not to an unborn child but to the descendant.


Light Side Female Exile

Fitchers Apprentice

Pre KOTOR but no dates specified: Even a remote can be a hero

remember conversation breaks, remember to do a sight to remember all of the words such as 'an old man'

The piece flows, but there are unexpected ripples, such as forgotten words mentioned above. Having a remote as one of the heroes was a fresh twist.

Dark Side Female Revan

The Depths of Ibea part 1

Pre KOTOR: A dog in the manger story

I don't know how many of you understand there term so I'll explain. A manger is a holder for food for an herbivore like a horse sheep or cow; in other words, filled with something a dog would not eat. If a dog were to block their path, or climb into it, the herbivore cannot eat, if the dog weren't in the way. So it means doing something to stop someone else, even if it is something you cannot use.

The Jedi seem confused here, even the one who was sent in incognito. However his actions to remove the targeted property was masterful

Other KOTOR characters

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic: The Endar Spire
Revan Jast

Beginning of KOTOR: The hero fights across the ship

Pretty much a generic retelling of the start of the game. Nothing added.

She Listens

KOTOR after Leviathan: Old ghosts are put to rest

A pretty much generic make up scene between Revan and Carth. The piece is good because the main characters still feel the pain.

History Part 1: Taris

KOTOR on Taris: The main character extends

A generic retelling of the start of the game

The piece is a generic retelling of the Taris module of KOTOR without extras

Moments 1

KOTOR from Taris to Manaan: A drawn out story

The piece went through four locations without slowing. I had problems following primarily because the author covered too much in this posting.

How Vrook Stole Christmas
General Grievous

KOTOR runs head on into Christmas: Who will win?

A rather silly attempt at a Dr. Seuss knockoff. Due to the terms used, it doesn't rhyme very well because of that. But the picture of Vrook as Santa Claus and Zaz Kei El taking the roll of Max the dog caused me to chuckle.

School Days

Alternate universe Pre KOTOR: A number of the members of the first crew as kids in elementary school

The piece is a bit silly really; Canderous (In his late 50s) going to the same school with the others. Few characters were really fleshed out. You know that Carth is the studious type, Canderous is a fighter, and not a whole lot more.

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