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Unhappy i need help with jedi temple mod i aint got a clue on how it will work

ok i downloaded the mod. Then it wouldn't work when i double clicked on it and said kotor 2 has stopped working bla bla bla. Then i put it in my kotor 2 folder and it then works and so i get on the game using the tsljeditemple thing but I can't travel to coruscant it's not on my map at all. So i read loads of comments on this and one guy said it has to load it before you've been to the telos academy. So i went on a character that hadn't gone their yet did it all now at nar sha daar but still not on map tried to warp there(like deathdisco said) doesn't work doesn't do anything and i have got cheats enabled cus it works with every other cheat. In short I'm completely stuck and i really need someone's help on it.
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