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"Mmmm....Yes, but no. Maybe later, have other matters to concentrate on, hope you understand Rogue,"

"Understandable Salarian:Kallic. I look forward to another conversation with you," Rogue replied.

Rogue shook Kallic's hand again after Quirinius did. It was certainly pleasant to find a being such as him. Rogue knew little of Salarians, and Kallic could supply him with information to give him a better understanding of the race. Rogue turned its head over to Tuhrop.

"Apologies Captain Tuhrop, I meant for no conflict," Rogue said saluting his superior officer.

With that Rogue turned and walked out of the room. An armored man passed the geth, and nearly did a double take. The geth hadn't attacked him, so it must have been with Tuhrop. The human shrugged and kept walking, looking for the old Turian.

Zack Hudson continued down the hallway. He had just finished cleaning his precious shotgun, and was trying to recall what Tuhrop had said at the meeting. To be honest he had kind of zoned out, and he had a bad hangover. It didn't hurt as much now, so he could actually communicate with others. He walked into the room and saw Tuhrop, Kallic, and an asari.

"So this is what we did on Omega? Tuhrop you sly dog, I didn't think you'd actually listen to one of my ideas," Zack said, his helmet distorting his voice a little.

He looked over at the asari and smirked to himself. He leaned back on a wall and crosses his arms, still staring at the asari. Now he was hoping she could pop out of something, and he really hoped her outfit was a bit more...revealing. The way Zack saw it though, he'd take what he could get.

"So tell me cutie, you got a name?" Zack asked.
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