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A mod adds Death's Hand style, but the Popup description in the UI (e.g. if you press #1 key you would get Legendary Strike) when it's selected is blank and in Jade Empire Savegame Editor the Title displays:

Does anyone know how I can fix the title to display properly, in JSE and the UI? The style does function correctly?

Secondly anyone know where edit % of chance of the Knock Down effect, in the Dragon Eye gem as the effect doesn't show up in the gems.2da? I found the Knockback effect in MultipleEffects.2da and the Defense of the Heaven's Blessing (Air Defense) in DamageArmor.2da.

Thanks for any help.

Follow up, anyone interested the Description Code for Death's Hand Style is 27565 and the ID Code is 68427. Also found the Effects.2da but it only gives Durations of Effects like Knockback, nothing on Percent/Chance so far.

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