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Tom listened to Naut'uan, explaining how sapient species may be unable to understand or comprehend a hanar soul name without the use of certain technologies or implants. It made sense, if a soul name could only be limited through body movements, visual communication and bioluminescence.

"Tom is a good friend, so please be happy with the knowledge that Tom may call It by a nickname, as most other hanar would take great offense at being called an ethereal being of undeath, or even at having a 'nickname' at all, this is a good example of It's hick nature. Tom will earn the knowledge of It's Soul Name one day, as will It's other friends: John, Kallic, Chiron, Selia...... Maybe not Selia."

"Heh, understandable..." Tom agreed.

"This One hopes Tom is happy with this explanation, if not, then It is truly sorry, and apologizes most deeply. It would bow in deference, but It would rather not plow the ship into a mass effect field."

"That probably wont be necasary." Tom added. "Sorry on my behalf as well: I didnt mean to pry. I was mainly curious, Ghost. I dont know that much about your species. If it is that important to you, of course your entitled to your own personal matters and beliefs."

Tom looked down the bridge from the cockpit. "I've got to get back to work. Good talking to you, Ghost."

He walked down the bridge and passed the CIC. Tom took the stairway down where the General Crew Quarters were located. There the Asari guest was speaking with the captain, as well as surrounded by other crewmen.

"Wow... she sure did won the weekly popularity contest." Tom muttered under his breath. "It must be quite claustrophobic..." he took the elevator down to the engineering deck.

Tuhrop wondered if Tom was thinking the same thing just as Zack, one of the Freelance Mercenaries, walked into the scene. He began admiring Quirinius.

"So this is what we did on Omega? Tuhrop you sly dog, I didn't think you'd actually listen to one of my ideas,"

"I "did" nothing. I got hunted throughout Omega, and the next thing I knew Tom, Chiron and Kallick brought her aboard."

The next thing he knew Zack began flirting with the Asari. Tuhrop looked a little sheepish. "I apoligise; Zack may lack proper courtesy, but he's one heck of a Vanguard. Which by the way, I'm sorry we couldnt stay on Omega long enough for you to find work."
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