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The Assault Weapons Ban annoys me, because it has a name brilliantly created by some Congressman's aide to make those ignorant of its content think it's an amazing thing.

For example:
Originally Posted by urluckyday View Post
Why would anyone EVER lift a ban on assault weapons? They just don't serve any other purpose than to maim and kill large numbers of people. People that say they use assault weapons for hunting or anything like that are just part of literal overkill.
This post demonstrates what most people who don't understand the bill think. They think that it bans those scary automatic weapons, protecting dozens of people from being mown down in a hail of gunfire.

Automatic weapons have been banned for a very long time, and still are. The Assault Weapons Ban bans guns that are no more dangerous than others, but just have certain cosmetic and/or ergonomic features (grenades and launchers were already illegal without the ban, so that part was pointless fluff). With the exception of bayonet mounts.

So really what it did was ensure that some shooters, depending on their ergonomic preferences, might be a tiny bit less comfortable while shooting you, and hey, at least they'll have to pull out a knife to stab you instead of using a bayonet.

TL;DR: It was useless legislation that served to look good on a politician's resume when going for reelection, but had no useful substance.

Pro-gun activists should be angry that it exists because it needlessly restricts them.
Anti-gun activists should be angry that they were tricked into supporting politician's reelection bids based on nothing.

I'm just angry because I need another excuse to shout 'AFFIX BAYONETS' and affix some bayonets.

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