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I read through the "Making new gems, effects and techniques" but don't see the actual commands to add an item like weapon or gem, would I just need to change *RewardStyle* with *RewardGem* or *RewardWeapon* then the appropriate ID code? I guess it would be good to know also if there is a way to give a Quantity, if possible.

This is the added scripting for adding the extra styles in the j00_lti_rhino.nss,
// You bought the game online! Enjoy Rhino Style.
DelayCommand(3.0, RewardStyle(105));
DelayCommand(3.0, RewardStyle(22));
DelayCommand(3.0, RewardStyle(46));
DelayCommand(3.0, RewardStyle(48));
DelayCommand(3.0, RewardStyle(82));

Thanks for any help.

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