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"I "did" nothing. I got hunted throughout Omega, and the next thing I knew Tom, Chiron and Kallick brought her aboard."

Zack was recalling something from the meeting now. Tuhrop had mentioned someone took shots at him earlier. Zack hated snipers, always ten miles away from the real action. He preferred his trusty shotgun, combined with his biotics over a sniper any day.

"I apoligise; Zack may lack proper courtesy, but he's one heck of a Vanguard. Which by the way, I'm sorry we couldnt stay on Omega long enough for you to find work."

"Don't worry about it Tuhrop...and I did ask for her name didn't I?," he asked. "Let me show her around if she hasn't gotten a tour already and we'll be even," he added in.
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