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"And it appears that they have the ability to bring people back from the dead. I know of only one type of jutsu that does that and from what I saw they weren't using it. This jutsu was something new."

"I dont know of any group that fits with that description." Ryuu added. "Nor one that uses that particular category of forbidden justu as their signature."

He walked to the edge of the cliff, and gave a small rock a little kick down below. "Can match similarities with familiar organisations and syndicates, but... or perhaps they have advanced and developed new battle stradegies. Too difficult to decypher."

"Arashi are probably out of the question. Not many remnants left around the world to sustain themselves. Their prime motive was harvesting, to make themselves stronger."

He turned back to Karela. "Once we get these people to safety, you will probably need to consult with other villages. Konoha might have a large enough archive to determine who they are. Or perhaps even the Jōmae Village , but there it may be difficult to negotiate with them."

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