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Inside Karela's mind, two large red eyes slowly opened and looked around for where the voice was coming from. I'm host is a bit busy right now. Whatever you want to tell her you can tell me. A slightly angry voice replied. Karela's sealed beast hated it when people attempted to communicate with her the way takai was. It always woke her up.

"Arashi are probably out of the question. Not many remnants left around the world to sustain themselves. Their prime motive was harvesting, to make themselves stronger."

Karela nodded in agreement. From what she had heard when Gatoa had been killed most of the Arashi had vanished into the criminal underworld.

"Once we get these people to safety, you will probably need to consult with other villages. Konoha might have a large enough archive to determine who they are. Or perhaps even the Jōmae Village , but there it may be difficult to negotiate with them."

Karela, who was busy talking with Akagi and the others couldn't hear the banter going on between her tailed beast and Takai thanks to the bijuu's actions.

"I was actually thinking that we could head to the hidden leaf village and see if they can give them shelter. The hidden leaf is one of the larger villages and it may have enough room. As for this other village...I've never heard of it before."
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