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*DarkForse and Garik enters the garbage disposel building 2 levels down and 1 block from the bar. They put the body in one of the garbage containers and they push the container near a cargo hall.*

Go and get to a garbage speeder and we will get him out of here.

Already on my way

*A bit later Garik parks the garbage hauler near the cargo hall and Darkforse pushes the container in the hauler. Darkforse stepd back and Garik closes the cargo door to the hauler. Darkforse unclips his comlink and contacts Garik.*

Get him out of here. With hauler... no one will ask questions. and when you take the container out... also nobody will ask questions. OK? Now get going. im gonna try and find Corzip. See you later.

OK. Be carefull man. we still dont know who did this. I dont want another friend of mine dead. Good luck.

Thanks. Bye.

*Garik takes of in the hauler while Darkforse dresses up as one of the garbage guys so he wont be recognized. he walks away from the garbage disposel building.*
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