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Originally Posted by Alkonium View Post
Frankly, I'm just glad they didn't do the same with James Bond. Now let's see them ruin Blizzard in the same way!
Well actually, at the end of last year, two Bond games were released, despite a major movie backing it. Blood Stone for PS3 and 360, and Goldeneye for Wii.

Blood Stone was pretty lackluster in my opinion. Lots of driving and some shooting. Pretty thin on substance.

Goldeneye was trying to capitalize on the same crowd that views N64's game of the same name, as some sacred cow. However they butchered this cow in a horrible way. They replaced Pierce Brosnan with Daniel Craig and tweaked the story to make it take place in present day. Lame. I played the multi-player game at conference. It would be fun if....oh I dunno, you were at your grandma's house, and she only had a wii, and you had about 7 hours to kill before you were able to leave. Other than that....not much there either man.
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