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"Do you have an idea on what we should do Asuka?" Takeda asked her.

Asuka glanced back, looking at Takeda. She came back, only to have an upset expression on her face. "You know what, Takeda? Before I answer your question, I have something really important to tell you. I know you still don't want to talk to me after the Shinobi incident, but that's fine. I have no reason to feel guilty. You know why? Because I sent a letter to you, saying that I was going to visit the monks to help me find inner peace with myself and that I would come back to the village. But you never wrote back. I was upset and stayed in that temple until I was free from my split personality side. I thought something terrible happened to you that day! I still love you, even if you hate me.

And that previous question you asked about what we should do? We should have all our family and friends back together. That's what we should do!" And with that, she stormed off, and sat by a river, looking down with tears streaming down.
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