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"I was actually thinking that we could head to the hidden leaf village and see if they can give them shelter. The hidden leaf is one of the larger villages and it may have enough room. As for this other village...I've never heard of it before."

"Jōmae is a village located within the Land of Keys. The shinobi residing there are experts in espionage and reconaissance. Arguably, they have the biggest information network in all of the Shinobi World."

"Of course, their services are not cheap. Their Information is a currency to them; it is their weapon. Their defence. And they would rather die then expose their secrets. Well, secrets regarding the safety for their entire village understandably."

Ryuu paced closer to Karela. "If this threat is outside their boundaries, then negotiation may be possible. But like I said: it wont be cheap. They will want something in exchange."
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