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Originally Posted by Liverandbacon View Post
This post demonstrates what most people who don't understand the bill think. They think that it bans those scary automatic weapons, protecting dozens of people from being mown down in a hail of gunfire.

Automatic weapons have been banned for a very long time, and still are. The Assault Weapons Ban bans guns that are no more dangerous than others, but just have certain cosmetic and/or ergonomic features (grenades and launchers were already illegal without the ban, so that part was pointless fluff). With the exception of bayonet mounts.
Pretty much. It doesn't help that the media almost always use video of full auto AK-47's and M16's when talking about the subject.

reporter: The assault weapon ban is in front of congress again.<insert full auto weapons being fired> Congress is looking at ways to keep you safe. <insert video from LA bank robbery where they used illegally imported full auto rifles> This new law promises stricter gun laws to prevent massive slaughtering of our audience. <insert video of Columbine for tugging at heartstrings, even though none of their weapons were assault weapons>

And mimartin, this isn't limited to right/left on the idiots who try to get guns banned. Sure right NOW it's more leftist, but many Republicans have also used the Assault Weapon ban as a positive thing.

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