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((I fixed my last post, removing all the time references. Less confusing.))

If there was anything Quirinius V'tala considered her main "pet peeve", it was being bombarded with too much information (and flirtation?) all at once. Only moments earlier, she had been caught in a web of dark reminiscences. Then, in the blink of an eye, both Kallic the salarian and a smooth-talking human newcomer, one Vanguard Zack, had interrupted her reverie. How to respond? Fortunately, Kallic offered a solution: follow him to the medbay and get away from the crowd!

As she and Kallic entered the Valkyrie's infirmary, the asari cleared her throat. "I owe you two things," she began, "an apology, and my thanks. I'm sorry I mentioned Cerberus, for one; I was lost in a raging sea of memories for a minute. Old habits die hard," she said with a worm of chagrin wriggling around in the pit of her stomach. "I knew perfectly well--or, at least my conscious mind did--that we're trying to keep out of that organization's way. I have a past with Cerberus, or at least one of its employees. Don't worry. This won't affect our mission, even though I'm still trying to 'get over it'."

She noticed Kallic staring at her rather intensely. Clearing her throat again, she moved on to the other part of what she needed to tell the salarian. "I also would like to thank you for saving me from...Zack's?...advances. He just came out of nowhere! I wasn't quite sure what to say, even when I realized I was safely back here on the ship and not trapped in a research lab several years ago..." She slapped a hand over her mouth. "Sorry. That's past now. You must think I'm a complete and utter fool, for all the mistakes and half-steps I've made so far. The thing is, not all asari are so intelligent or wise as you might think. Witness me! I've got more of my father in me than I'd like to admit..." She shook her head. "He always was too rash for Mother's taste."
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