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Was wondering how long before this topic surfaced. Just a few things. Was under impression that amount of money WI is in hoc is much more than a mere $141 mil (more like >$3 bil). Complain about Walkers tactics, but it's exactly what Reid/Pelosi did in DC, where at least their opponents didn't run off like children b/c things didn't go their way (a tactic now being copied in IN and OH, it seems). And, while a lot of people live in CA and NY, they don't constitute most of America's population. Still, I agree that unions were once very necessary early on in America's industrial revolution and that all unions aren't inherently bad either. But they have become somewhat redundant given things like OSHA/EEOC/etc.. and a whole host of other govt regs/laws that are supposed to protect workers.

Not exactly clear what you mean by "What is happening in Wisconsin is bred of too many people watching the newsman so that a talking head can think for them. Dis-involving themselves from political process because it is "too boring" or "not important".
Afterall, print journalism is essentially "writing heads", where you have to parse their biases as well.

Interesting thing about exclusion of cops/fireman is that those are often the services govt threatens to cut first when people resist new/raised taxes to solve govt's irresponsible spending habits. Also, in this dispute, both sides have backers from out of state....with many supporters being bussed in from outside of WI (the "professional protesting class" it seems).

Overall problem is that the state and local govts can no longer afford to be so generous in rewarding contracts to public sector employees. You can only tax people so much before they leave....or their employers do. The fed govt is in big financial trouble as well and is going to be less and less able to subsidize the states. Interestingly, btw, even FDR opposed public sector unions.

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