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Already being in the Medbay, Chiron heard Quirinius talking to someone. He looked up to see it was his good friend Kallic. The krogan chuckled at the mentioning of the freelancer. It seemed like it was an initiation on this ship for a female crew member to be hit on by Zack. He walked over to the two at Quirinius mentioning her uniqueness.

"I can understand where you're coming from. I am a krogan who prefers to use his words over his fists," he chuckled. "Its not a lack of intelligence by the way, just a lack of experience I'm guessing," he added in.

Zack chuckled as Quirinius quickly left the room. She was a quiet one no doubt, looked like she was hiding something. He did hear her mention Cerberus...he hated them

"Well she's okay in my book Tuhrop, she's not a fan of Cerberus," Zack said.
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