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Originally Posted by Darth Groovy View Post
SO glad somebody else has finally stated what has been on my mind for the past two years. Call of Duty paved the way and made some major leaps in action gaming, but I feel the franchise has worn out it's welcome. As a video game store manager, I am so, so sick of the mindless drones who poor into my store day in, and day out only in search of Black Ops, or any other CoD game that has freaking Nazi Zombies in it. Too bad I never got to ask my Grandpa about the Nazi Zombies in WWII. I was very dissapointed with MW2, I got bored with it after a week, as it was just a rehash of CoD4. Black Ops is not a bad game per say, but you would be shocked at how many people own a system, and this is the only ****ing game they EVER play. How shallow can you be? I enjoyed CoD4 online as much as the next guy, and I actually loved the campaign even though I beat it in two days. However CoD suffers from the same problem that ruined the Halo franchise for me. Smack talking bitches, dirty hacks, *******s obsessed with Kill to Death ratios and over all morons that have no respect for an online gaming community. They make the old Counter Strike community look like Rhode's Scholars by comparison.
I feel that the franchise definitely needs something new, something akin to what CoD4 was back when it came out. However, that being said, I enjoyed the everloving hell out of CoD4, MW2, and now Black Ops. MW2 was by no means perfect, but I hit rank 70 10th prestige in it legitimately, and am working my way up Black Ops, middle of my 9th prestige now. The community can be annoying at times, but what popular game's community isn't? (Also praise the almighty mute function).

As a side note, do you mind if I ask what gametype you played with a bad community? I know that some gametypes I avoid completely, half because I don't enjoy the gametype, and the other half because of elitist douchebags that play it.

Oh yeah, and PS: f*** you if you don't think Nazi Zombies is fun, 4 man Zombies with good friends is an absolute riot

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