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First one must look at the reason why people want these government jobs. They are heavily sought after. Why is that? Because the benefits FAR outweigh the benefits of nearly every other market out there. I don't have a problem with private sector unions, so long as the employers have the option to hire non-union workers as well. If I don't want to be a part of the union that gives my union dues to the Democratic party, I shouldn't be forced to.

I don't agree with what the Democrat state legislators are doing. If they are going to leave the state, to prevent a vote, what's to stop the Republicans from doing that when the Dems have the majority. Oh, but it'll be different then. The people of the state voted for the Republicans to be in office. "The election is over, and we won," should be repeated to the Dems this time. Obama used that line against the Republicans. Elections have consequences.

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