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Tommy: benefits for being government employed are misleading. True they usually earn more than private sector counterparts, however this is mainly due to their higher education. Check for education and most government employees are underpaid compared to their priv s counterparts, except for the unskilled who are paid more.
Now you could argue that their benefits outside pay are higher (and they are), however a lot of those benefits are tied to pensions, pensions that are so underfunded that you'd be a lunatic to expect to get one as good as promised.

And of course avoid mandatory unionization, however, at the same time, remove laws restricting sympathy strikes, and other ones that limits the ability of union (and workers in general) to bargain efectiveley. If the employers want to avoid laws that restrict their ability to bargain, let's do the same for employees.

As for unions giving money to politicians, we're on the same page, get their (and other's) money out of politics.

@Tot: I'd argue that the political money problem applies to all groups who hand politicans money, however, if donations are to be allowed, then I see little wrong with unions handing cash to those likely to represent their interests.

Also, the employers taking a large share of the profits is a form of exploitation, so is having workers in poor conditions without compensating them, if employees didn't have an issue with their working conditions, I doubt they'd use the unions to complain about it.

Checking out seems not to do much.

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