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Originally Posted by decalibron View Post
damn, GTA:SWcity, i was hoping to come in and give my point of view, but you really summed it up. i've always heard it explained as a beam of plasma level energy that is constrained due to the fact that it bends back upon itself (at the point, for anyone who isn't following) which supports your magnetism, as something would have to draw the plasma back into the hilt upon itself.
That is what I've read.

The "beam" comes out the center of the hilt, and arcs back down on the outside of the core beam and into the hilt again, forming a loop.

The only time it really loses energy is when the "blade" is "shortcutted" so to speak. F.ex. when Qui-Gon sticks it into that blast door in Ep. 1, or basically any time you cut someone with it.

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