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I haven't been following what's going on in Wisconsin but I do know that my clams have been steamed with talk about encroachment of laws that were hard earned by unions like OSHA and the like.

I recently received an email from one of the faculty members who is with CFA, the organization that works on behalf of the CSU faculty and what the chancellor is proposing is nothing short of highway robbery. His proposals, accordingly are an attempt at an admn power grab to put the fate of tenure appts solely at the descretion of the campus president and other managers and some hints that senority will be ignored, etc. Probably nothing new since CFA has been fighting for fair wages for faculty for years.

The last major thing regarding CFA was when someone had the brillant idea of furlough days where faculty won't get paid for those mandatory days off and take a 20% reduction from an already pitiful payrate. The thing that pisses me off in these kinds of exchanges is that them higher ups are not willing to make the sacrifice and take the 20% cuts themselves. I know an economist can argue about profit and capital to me until they are blue.

Times are hard now and they will be harder but frankly tactics like what Wisconsin is doing aren't going to make it better. I think it will just make it worse.

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