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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Been following this, most of it I can understand my only real bother by the entire thing is the governor not including all the state employees in this and the fact that it includes future collective bargaining agreements, but only in certain areas. This picking and choosing is what bothers me. If it is alright for the state trooper why is it wrong for the teachers and vice versa? As it is it only seems more like a political stunt than anything else since he is only going after those that did not support him during the election.

Been also upset because the Governor supporters keep insisting that the other side is unwilling to compromise, but from what I’ve seen they are willing to take the pay cut and the decrease in benefits, but the sticking point is the right to future collective bargaining. In that case, it is the Governor that is the one unwilling to compromise (well unless you are in Policemen or Firefighter Union).

As to the Democrats sneaking off to prevent the vote….Call Tom DeLay, when Texas Democrats ran off to Oklahoma to prevent a vote, DeLay used Homeland Security to track them down. Served them right, no self-respecting Texans would run to Oklahoma.
On this, I think we're in agreement. The future collective bargaining is where it gets sticky. Then again, maybe those unions should have kept their money and their mouths out of it if they didn't want to see repercussions(j/k). I don't necessarily agree with how the workers had gone on illegal strikes either. Taking "sick days" instead of going on strike so they would still get paid while on "strike."

As tor the Texas Dems sneaking off... maybe that's why they went to Oklahoma. Texans didn't want to go to Oklahoma to pick up the Dems. For the record, I didn't agree with the redistricting either, but then that's cause it was a California idea that they brought back to Texas.

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