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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
I didn't agree with the redistricting either, but then that's cause it was a California idea that they brought back to Texas.
I had no problem with the redistricting, the Democrats have done it before when they were in power. I also do not have a problem with the Democrats running off to prevent the vote. When one party (does matter which one as they both do it) is unwilling to compromise or even listen to the other side, then my elected representative should do everything possible to protect my interest. What they all seem to forget once they get into office is they do not just represent those that voted for them or financially supported their campaign, but all the people in their district, state or nation. So instead of listening to compromise that gets them what they want, but still lessens the heartache on others they plow ahead with their own plan. Of course, on the other side, when you do seek compromise the other side seems to have a penitence to sabotage with stupidity so they can point at the law and saw how stupid it is. With both sides it is all about politics and getting elected/reelected and nothing about doing the work of the American people.

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