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I was fully expecting this topic a week ago, but didn't have time to do anything that a real Kavar's topic would contain (a source, a 5 paragraph essay on my entire opinion, and even an interesting fact!), so beggars can't be choosers.

Anyways, I have no real opinion on this, except for the Unions, and that would be pretty 'tl;dr~'. All I know and care about is its going to severely affect my humble little town. Around 6 years ago (or has it been 8.. I honestly can't remember. haha.) GM closed it's plant, and laid off innumerable workers. That kick started the Recession for us.

we were in the recession before it was cool

This year, our entire student body was shocked and rocked by the decision by our school board (who's vocabulary includes only "cut," "budget," and "statistics") to raise the students:teacher ratio for classes (from 18:1 to 24:1), then cutting - and laying off, if that's their only class - those classes. Because of the budget issues the school board proposed to 'fix' with this plan, the teachers who remain won't be getting any increased income, if anything less. Now think about how p.o.'ed the teachers are when you combine each part (school budget, budget cuts proposed by Walker, the whole Recession) means they got, instead of the 20% paycut experienced statewide, they'll get a 30% (or more, depending on how much the board actually ends up cutting) paycut.

Yesterday most of the students of our high schools, myself included, accomplished the first non-violent, peaceful protest that this town ever saw (if you don't count the occasional sign wavers about the budget cuts, on that weekend), and it was, from our point, extremely effective and proving that the students DO care about schools. Two amazing speeches, 5 kids yelling "Viva!" and "Anarchy!", and a carpool later, we found ourselves at our district offices with kids from the rival high schools, protesting for change.

The kids who didn't end up going out on the walkout had their own reasons (ie. "I'm on probation," "I already have 5+ truancys," "Coach says we're off the team indefinitely if we walkout," "I just don't believe it'll do anything," or "It doesn't affect me" being the popular excuses) and most of the teachers, our principals included, were actually in support of what we were doing, because it also directly affected them
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