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Originally Posted by Kzer-Za View Post
Does anyone happen to know where to find Fading Moon's head? I've unpacked all the heads from data\j04_necropolis and none of them seemed to be the thing.
Download JEFindRes (link is in this thread) and try to search for a CRE (creature) file with the word "moon" in it. *moon* would be a good search term. If you find one, extract the file and open it with K-GFF (link is in this thread as well). There you'll find the HeadType, which points to a row in heads.2da. There you'll find the name of the model file.

Originally Posted by Acleacius View Post
A mod adds Death's Hand style, but the Popup description in the UI (e.g. if you press #1 key you would get Legendary Strike) when it's selected is blank
In your follow-up you post the StrRefs for the name and the description. Then I suppose, you've already found out, that you need a TLK editor like TalkED (link is in this thread) to edit the two of them, haven't you?

Originally Posted by Acleacius View Post
Secondly anyone know where edit % of chance of the Knock Down effect, in the Dragon Eye gem as the effect doesn't show up in the gems.2da? I found the Knockback effect in MultipleEffects.2da and the Defense of the Heaven's Blessing (Air Defense) in DamageArmor.2da.
You won't find anything in the 2DAs. The knockback is hard-coded somewhere and can't be modified.

Originally Posted by Acleacius View Post
I read through the "Making new gems, effects and techniques" but don't see the actual commands to add an item like weapon or gem, would I just need to change *RewardStyle* with *RewardGem* or *RewardWeapon* then the appropriate ID code? I guess it would be good to know also if there is a way to give a Quantity, if possible.
You can find the prototypes of all functions and some small scraps of documentation in nwscript.nss. Hint: Look for "CreateItem"! The "itemType" you will need to specify, is a row number from items.2da. If the gem doesn't have a name that's easy to search for, you could try to search for the gem's ID - the row number from gems.2da.

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