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Originally Posted by DarthVandar205 View Post
I was wondering if there was a God/invulnerability cheat for Battlefront 2 for the PC. I realize there areint that many cheats out there for the game but I just keep getting killed alot in the game and cant complete some objectives because of it and it really ruins the mood of the game because I cant take in all the scenery/action because I keep getting shot up. Thats why I was wondering if theres a god cheat there so I wont get killed and can complete all the levels in the game.
There are 4 cheats for swbf2 they are: mostimpressive-god mode
agoodblasteratyourside-ulimited ammo
456123-campain selection
usetheforceluke-turn off hud
Now you ready to cheat ..uh.. i mean play
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