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Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
Was wondering how long before this topic surfaced. Just a few things. Was under impression that amount of money WI is in hoc is much more than a mere $141 mil (more like >$3 bil).
I will provide a source, although your later complaint about writing heads seems you hold writers in equal or less esteem than Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Keith Olbermann etc
Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
Complain about Walkers tactics, but it's exactly what Reid/Pelosi did in DC, where at least their opponents didn't run off like children b/c things didn't go their way (a tactic now being copied in IN and OH, it seems).
How is this acting like children? It is the only responsible thing to do, as the bills were not up for discussion, argument or arbitration, the vote was a no win scenario and their constituents would have been completely ignored if they were available to vote. This, IMO, is the act of responsible politicians, although they are probably just as creepy as any other politician.
Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
And, while a lot of people live in CA and NY, they don't constitute most of America's population.
Fair enough, two states that comprise a quarter of the population seems significant to me. Texas of course is the other big dog.... and politically, they seem to have it together better than most.
Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
Not exactly clear what you mean by "What is happening in Wisconsin is bred of too many people watching the newsman so that a talking head can think for them. Dis-involving themselves from political process because it is "too boring" or "not important".
This is the result of posting when fired up and having had worked a very physical 15 hour day.... not my best thinking or writing.... and full of personal bias. It is my opinion though... people are distracted by fanaticism and charisma, and too many refuse to think for themselves.
Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
Interesting thing about exclusion of cops/fireman is that those are often the services govt threatens to cut first when people resist new/raised taxes to solve govt's irresponsible spending habits.
Agreed... and I support police and firemen, they are very important gangs...
Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
Also, in this dispute, both sides have backers from out of state....with many supporters being bussed in from outside of WI (the "professional protesting class" it seems).
Gross, not good, gross.
Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
Overall problem is that the state and local govts can no longer afford to be so generous in rewarding contracts to public sector employees. You can only tax people so much before they leave....or their employers do. The fed govt is in big financial trouble as well and is going to be less and less able to subsidize the states.
You are ignoring the damage done on a local level, like the city of Waupaca. These people will eventually default on their taxes... how does that help the government, if they have to feed and house these people in Tax Prison?????! It is a double whammy, wholly created by irresponsible and unrepresentative government.

@LoH: I pick on the Tea Party because regardless of their "diversity" (I personally think that's a lot of whooey) they are too loud, and Sarah Palin is the prime mover-and-shaker: that should tell you everything you need to know. Radical right is a term used in our governments here in the US. We are talking about US government. Feel free to google what the term means locally.

Yes it was the choice of the Senators to flee... I should have stated that more clearly, that I support their flight, for reasons mentioned in response to Totenkopf.

As for having backers from out of state.... conceded that politicians like to line their pockets however they can. Is this a good or acceptable state-of-affairs for you?

I fail to see your point in "that's politics." Looks to me either that you like this style of politics, or you have thrown in the towel.

Fascism: The term I did not use lightly.

For the record, I live in Atlanta, was born in Iowa, have lived in Nebraska, New York, New Jersey, Colorado, Minnesota, and Texas.... only finished High School in Wisconsin, This is not a local issue for me, it is a national one that has simply raised it's ugly head in WI.

@mimartin: your points on CBA's and the relation to Unions were points I wish I had raised, thank you.

Originally Posted by Tommycat
Been thinking about this, and had a strange thing pop in to my mind... I think the Republicans got the wrong message in '10. People voted out the Dems for ramming things down our throat without attempting compromise, and now the Republicans are doing the same thing. I'm guessing an Obama re-election in 2012 as people get sick of the Reps doing what the Dems did. Then the dems getting voted out again in 2014, because they will think in 2012 that it was somehow everyone voting FOR all of their policies...

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