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Originally Posted by Qui-Gon Glenn View Post
I will provide a source, although your later complaint about writing heads seems you hold writers in equal or less esteem than Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Keith Olbermann etc
Well, maybe more esteem than KO. Just saying that writers are no less biased than the talking heads and that it's helpful to know their biases before taking whatever they say as gospel. Just common sense stuff.

How is this acting like children? It is the only responsible thing to do, as the bills were not up for discussion, argument or arbitration, the vote was a no win scenario and their constituents would have been completely ignored if they were available to vote. This, IMO, is the act of responsible politicians, although they are probably just as creepy as any other politician.
Would you have said that if the Republicans had been able to do that to the Dems at the federal level since '06 (or even vice-versa in the '90s)? The responsible adult thing to do would have been to cast their votes and then do their damndest to try to beat the reps in the next election. As Tommy (I think) pointed out already, BO lectured the Reps that elections have consequences, and the dems lost this last one. Besides, in politics, little is ever irreversible. As to your point about pols being creepy, no real arguments here.

Fair enough, two states that comprise a quarter of the population seems significant to me. Texas of course is the other big dog.... and politically, they seem to have it together better than most.
You'll probably hate me for this, but the combined pop of the two states, while significant, is still less than 20% of total figure (<60 mil out of 307mil). Still, given that NY and CA are in dire financial straits, it should be interesting to see how they cope with their problems. There's going to be a lot of hurt coming down the pike, hurt that can't be ameliorated by just raising taxes.

This is the result of posting when fired up and having had worked a very physical 15 hour day.... not my best thinking or writing.... and full of personal bias. It is my opinion though... people are distracted by fanaticism and charisma, and too many refuse to think for themselves.
My cynical side figures that we are as afflicted w/bread (look how fat Americans have become overall) and circuses (sports, porn, etc...) as the Romans ever were. The decreasing attention spans of many people make them more susceptible to easily digestible sound bytes (from left to right) vs actually trying to think critically about the consequences of our choices.

You are ignoring the damage done on a local level, like the city of Waupaca. These people will eventually default on their taxes... how does that help the government, if they have to feed and house these people in Tax Prison?????! It is a double whammy, wholly created by irresponsible and unrepresentative government.
Not ignoring local problems, rather recognizing there are no easy solutions and that failing to address the financial problems in an attempt to seem empathic/compassionate won't make those issues disappear and will likely only exacerbate them.

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