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Originally Posted by Qui-Gon Glenn View Post
@LoH: I pick on the Tea Party because regardless of their "diversity" (I personally think that's a lot of whooey) they are too loud, and Sarah Palin is the prime mover-and-shaker: that should tell you everything you need to know.
Not really concrete reasons to oppose an entire socio-political-economic movement, but that's just my opinion.
Radical right is a term used in our governments here in the US. We are talking about US government. Feel free to Google what the term means locally.
That is besides the point. What is labeled radical right is not radical in the slightest. The policies advocated by most Tea Party groups are, in the history of US government, fairly moderate right. Admittedly, they're also out of touch with the current reality of government but so is the entire political system.
Yes it was the choice of the Senators to flee... I should have stated that more clearly, that I support their flight, for reasons mentioned in response to Totenkopf.
Just read them. I disagree. That's about it.
As for having backers from out of state.... conceded that politicians like to line their pockets however they can. Is this a good or acceptable state-of-affairs for you?
There hasn't been any good or acceptable state-of-affairs for me in regards to government since Obama's halt on drilling in the Gulf. That killed my trust of US government.
I fail to see your point in "that's politics." Looks to me either that you like this style of politics, or you have thrown in the towel.
Just because I choose to understand the situation does not mean I approve or disapprove. My view of how this country should be run is completely and utterly different from any group.
Fascism: The term I did not use lightly.
No offense intended here, but a wikipedia article does not prove your point for you. Your reasoning does.
For the record, I live in Atlanta, was born in Iowa, have lived in Nebraska, New York, New Jersey, Colorado, Minnesota, and Texas.... only finished High School in Wisconsin, This is not a local issue for me, it is a national one that has simply raised it's ugly head in WI.
My mistake, I got the impression you were from Wisconsin.

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