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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Yeah, it is all bunk that a Teachers Union represents teachers... Guess all those people protesting and being interviewed on TV are the 50 layers of management or were they hired by the 50 layers of management to play a part.

Since you are an accomplished mind reader that knows all about people’s motivations, please let me know what is really going on among Middle East leaders. I’m thinking of buying some futures and knowing what they are thinking would be an extreme help.

One more Question; So is Scott Walker's motivation the same as those "not looking out for the little guy," is he protecting the Unions and 50 layers of management by protecting the Firefighter and Police Union?
Pretty much. The teachers are the last ones to get a piece of the budget pie given to education. Those above them are also in the union. Despite having the highest per student spending, we're still below some third world countries in student achievement. I attribute that to wasted spending.

As for Scott Walker. I put him on the same level. He's looking out for his campaign money.

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