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Bounty Hunter II

Hey, I'm fairly new to these forums but i figured I'd throw this idea I've recently been thinking of out there.

Ok, so the first Bounty Hunter game came out about 9 years ago and I thought it was pretty awesome back then. I recently dusted off my old Gamecube and started playing it again and it still really fun! There were a few little problems like the occasional camera problem and whatnot, but overall its still a really good game.
Now I was thinking, why doesn't LucasArts do another Bounty Hunter game? My thought was that you play as a bounty hunter that you could pick (Boba Fett, IG-88, Bossk, a custom bounty hunter of your own?) and use lots of the ideas that other games have been using for the past few years. For example, you could upgrade your weapons, armor, gadgets, maybe even your ship, and you could do that based off of the bounties that you collect. They could even make it coop, which would greatly increase the re-playability.

This isn't the full extent of what they could do with the game, but these are just some quick thoughts I had, so let me know what you guys think. And if anyone knows how I could get this idea to LucasArts, please let me know. Maybe if enough people voted for it they would make the game
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