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Originally Posted by decalibron View Post
Tommycat makes a great point. :P i'm from Arizona myself, but i currently live in Colorado, so we get cold a lot, and believe you me, i've never missed 108 degrees in the shade, but it's certainly preferrable to 3 degrees in the sun.
Difference of opinion and preference. I never missed fridgid cold in the sun but I am dying when it gets too hot. The only time I wasn't was a period when my nerves were shot from an arc welder accident.

Originally Posted by Ulmont View Post
Cold. I'm California born, and I HATE hot temperatures. It gets hard to breathe, and short of jumping in a stream (which all disappear in the summer [go figure]) you can't cool off. That and I don't seem to get cold (seriously, I've stood around in -6 C weather for about a half-hour with just normal pants and a light jacket [which I wear 98% of the time] and felt just fine; call me crazy, but I like the cold)
Here here. Fellow Californian here too.

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