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Originally Posted by Darth Groovy View Post
SO glad somebody else has finally stated what has been on my mind for the past two years. Call of Duty paved the way and made some major leaps in action gaming, but I feel the franchise has worn out it's welcome. As a video game store manager, I am so, so sick of the mindless drones who poor into my store day in, and day out only in search of Black Ops, or any other CoD game that has freaking Nazi Zombies in it. Too bad I never got to ask my Grandpa about the Nazi Zombies in WWII. I was very dissapointed with MW2, I got bored with it after a week, as it was just a rehash of CoD4. Black Ops is not a bad game per say, but you would be shocked at how many people own a system, and this is the only ****ing game they EVER play. How shallow can you be? I enjoyed CoD4 online as much as the next guy, and I actually loved the campaign even though I beat it in two days. However CoD suffers from the same problem that ruined the Halo franchise for me. Smack talking bitches, dirty hacks, *******s obsessed with Kill to Death ratios and over all morons that have no respect for an online gaming community. They make the old Counter Strike community look like Rhode's Scholars by comparison. If I had to pick one game that made my XBOX 360 and my live membership seem worth the purchase price, it was freaking Rainbow Six Vegas. I had become the comic relief of a small team (mostly comprised of dudes I met at work) and we would play Terrorist hunts on Realistic every night for hours and hours, and hours. We became obsessed with the looks of our MP characters, and unlocking certain weapons. In that game it was VERY hard to move up the ranks. They actually RUINED that in Rainbow Six Vegas 2. RB6V was the closest thing I ever came to an MMO, and I have not one regret, other than it was never attempted again. Ever. The closest I ever got to that feeling again was a game called MAG for PS3. The biggest leap of tech for that game, was it's vast squad based ranking system, and huge battles! The best part of that game, was that it ranked you and placed you on teams with those of your skill level. No game ever pulled that off better than MAG I played with complete strangers but we always got along, because they were no better than me. So the odds were stacked fairly! Problem with that game was that your customization of your character was limited. You were forced to pick from only 3 factions. And since it was on such a large scale, the damn thing lagged like crazy at times. Plus, as we have learned.... online only games, don't last very long. My second favorite would probably be Gears of War. Anyways, enough of my rant. I am ready for something different. Modern shooters are starting to play out like WWII games did back in 2007. I am ready for something with full customization, good skill based ranking, and a decent single player with a solid co-op experience. I honestly don't give a damn what universe or time frame, as long as it is fun.

Word. Personally, I hate CoD. With a passion. The gameplay is not innovative at all and is unnecessarily faced paced for a modern shooter, teamwork doesn't exist, the maps are small, there are no vehicles, the graphics (and game engine) are SUPREMELY DATED, and is overall extremely arcadish (dual-wielding shotguns, knives that kill a person no matter where they hit, knives that shoot across the map and reload in seconds - the real-life version of it takes 20 minutes to reload).

And to top it all off, the franchise is milked to death - Bobby Kotick needs to die. His public quotes about supporting exploitable games that don't try anything new make me furious.

Originally Posted by TiE23 View Post
Oh, yes, praise be to Battlefield. May you mop the floor with your enemies. Praise be to Battlefield. Aaaaaaaaa~~~

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I'm a hardcore Battlefield fan. Meaning CoD is nothing but a steaming pile of **** to me. I pre-ordered BF3 the moment I heard about it. Nothing comes close to Battlefield gameplay (for online MP).

Also, PC gaming FTW. Anything that works against PC gaming (CoD and their ****ty console ports) is pure evil, in my book.

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