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Jun-la listened and replied, "Seems to me that we have a case of the left not knowing what the right is doing. As for Echleon 5 as Operative Dourden mentioned, I think the two people that had contact with them should give the report."

Jun-la then motioned to Alriana who was standing by quietly. Don't worry, just fill them in, she sent through the Force. Out loud she said, "Jedi Alriana and Tavaryn Onashi had interaction with this group so it is only fitting that they should both report. That is if Tavaryn is feeling up to it?" Jun-la looked at Pradhes questioningly.


As much as Tavaryn wanted to stay in the dormitories, he knew that he had to debrief and he would have to find a means to speak with fleet command off the Ebon Hawk. He slowly got up and began to purposely stride out. Personal feelings would have to be set aside for now. He managed to exit the Hawk while Jun-la was looking at Prades. He spotted Alriana and stopped, not sure if he should go forward or not. He nearly stumbled in the process and hoped the Force no one spotted him.


Tonatius stood by Kalla ready to be a support her. He whispered to her, "I think Lady Jun-la is trying to get to the bottom of that group that Alriana and Tavaryn met in the caves. Some secrets are good but from my understanding and my instincts say that there is wariness to be taken into account."

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