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Frankly, much of your spiel was about how collective bargaining was essential, even mischaracterizing what Walker was attempting. Not a case of apples and oranges, but merely pointing out that what was being disscussed was not an outlawing of govt unions (see police and fire fighters as you've pointed out) or somesuch, but merely a case of restricting the scope of collective bargaining. The fed govt example was merely an illustration of scope. I will grant your point, however, that consistency would be nice. Not so sure you'd approve of his doing it to everyone, given your earlier rhetoric about the necessity of apparently unrestricted collective bargaining for a union to have any meaning.

my only real bother by the entire thing is the governor not including all the state employees in this and the fact that it includes future collective bargaining agreements, but only in certain areas.
Well the governor is pretty much outlawing unions. Not much point in a union without collective bargaining.
Without collective bargaining there is no union, it isnít cutting off their legs; it is cutting off their head.
So, just how unrestricted should collective bargaining "rights" be?

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