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@LoH - the link provided was a definition of the term. Check Miriam Webster or American College or whatever dictionary you like... A word means what a word means, and I don't need a wikipedia article to define my point... just a term so that we know what a term means. I provided it so you would know what fascism is. Thanks for your normal response.

As for the term "radical" thank you for engaging in meaningless semantics. Cleverness /= thinking.

@Tommycat: Yes, being supported by Unions is far superior to being supported by business. A Union is a body, representing a large group who share the same opinion. A business is generally a couple of stuffed suits. Your point is totally lost on me... And again, I am not saying that unionization is devoid of evil.

I am curious what you do for a living.... and why teachers and Veteran's Home workers are unimportant to you. Those folks are Union too.... how are you dividing this?

@Totenkopf: I think you are under the assumption that I am a Democrat. Uh, no. Voted for Ron Paul.
Could you provide an example of these 50 layers of management pay? What Unions are you talking about, and are you aware of the diversity of unions?

@Det. Bart Lassiter: The Reagan comment was brilliant. Thank you for levity!

Originally Posted by mimartin
They should be the same across the board for all the same level employees. So Texas should have the same rules for all state employees and the federal government should have the same rules for all federal employees. The federal government should not mandate that states use the same rules as the federal government.
The bold part could not be stated better. Texas should have seceded. I wish that State governments would start discussing the idea of secession more and openly... the Federal government no longer represents anyone other than Big Business.

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